Travel Assist Philippines

Travel Assist

Are you looking for a place to stay in the Philippines but not sure where’s the best place to stay in? Should you spend your vacation in a hotel, an apartment or a condominium?  Or maybe you found a place but unsure how generally safe the place is, you have to check the place itself but you don’t know how? I’m happy to lend a hand and do a report for you. Travel Assist is a service that envisions to compile a complete report featuring an assessment of a place.

The report is a product of a research/investigation to be sent to the email you provide.

The report basically includes:

  • How safe is the place for travelers
  • An overview of the cost of living and commodities in the area so you know what to expect when you get there
  • Some of the best foods and best places to try/visit
  • What to expect when you get to the place
  • Nearby airports
  • Emergency hotline/numbers (because being prepared is a cautious man’s best friend!)
  • Some tips to help you get going

In sum: The main purpose of the report is to look for the top 5 good places to stay and provide you with an insight/overview on each of the options.








For questions and inquiries regarding this service, please contact Travel Assist here.