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Top 5 Places To Stay In Manila When You Are On A Budget

July 20, 2017

Even though Manila has been constantly referred to as a ‘jungle’ – many people are continuously drawn to the city. It seems being dubbed as dirty and dangerous is a part of its uncanny appeal. Well, that’s the rough side of Manila. The other side seems to be more attracting travellers today, even the world-renowned American chef, Anthony Bourdain.


If you are on a budget and want to stay in Manila, what cheap accommodation options do you have? Now, cheap doesn’t mean you’ll allow yourself to be shortchanged in terms of services. You get both worlds without getting ripped off. If you don’t have much to spend and can’t afford a 5-star hotel accommodation, here’s our quick guide on the top 5 places to stay in Manila when you are on a budget:


  1.       Rent a Condo or Apartment Unit. If you will be around Manila for a few days or weeks, you can enjoy your own private space by renting a condo or apartment unit thru Airbnb wherein you can contact the unit owners directly. Rentals would usually cost less than P1,000.
  2.       Budget Hotels. There are chain of budget hotels that offer luxurious services for less the price of a 5-star hotel. Budget hotels like Casa Bocobo Hotel has the basic room amenities to keep you comfortable for the duration of your stay like air conditioning, clean toilet, spacious bed. Some hotels would even provide room services, currency exchange, and airport transfers; among others.
  3.       Capsule Rooms. If you put value on your privacy and are not claustrophobic then capsule rooms offered at Kabayan Hotel is a good option when staying in Manila. Rate is at P850 per night. This is a unique concept which includes your own private locker and shared bathrooms.
  4.       Hostels. This is very much like a typical dorm room but boutique hostels now offer extra luxury. You usually get your own bed but shared kitchen, dining, and bathroom areas. You can get a private room for P2,000 which has its own bathroom.
  5.       Bed and Breakfasts. If you are longing for the comfort of a home away from home then this is a good choice. These are private homes which are converted into a bed and breakfast. As the name implies, guest accommodations include breakfast. If you want to relax in a private pool, then The Purple Tree would be your best bet as it offers a resort-theme for guests.  


You don’t need to spend a lot when staying in Manila as there are options to fit every budget range. Manila is crowded indeed. Well, mainly because it’s the capital of the Philippines. This goes the same way as with New York, or London, as well as any other large cosmopolitan cities in the world. Is it really dangerous? Yes, it can be, just as any other crowded cities in major locations around the globe.


Manila is a growing and sleeping giant in Asia and as a tourist; this is a must-see when you visit the Philippines.  Get to enjoy the entertainment, cultural, and culinary experience waiting for you in the metro at budget accommodations that will give a bang for your buck.

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