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The Top 12 Philippines Trusted Job Sites

March 9, 2017
Top 12 Philippines Trusted Job Sites
Are you looking for top and trusted sites to upload a job advert where real people from the Philippines go to in order to look for a job? Or are you a job hunter trying to find the best job suited for your talents and skills? This article will exactly point out where to look for jobs in the Philippines listing the top 12 job sites based on number of job adverts and competitive not to mention “real” job applicants.
According to the National Statistics Office (now Philippine Statistics Authority) January 2016 Labor Force Survey, as announced by the then Philippines Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, there was an increase of employed persons in the Philippines of up to +752,000 in different sectors last year. This means that there are a lot of people who was able to land a job. However, the Survey also revealed that there was also a big decline in the number of employed persons in the agriculture sector for more than 900,000. This simply means that people are moving from the agriculture sector and getting a non-agricultural job. Nonetheless, it can be inferred that these figures indicate just a percentage of the Philippine’s workforce. There are still millions of Filipinos who are still currently looking for a viable job!
The main contributing factor of the country’s economy is its workforce. The people themselves play a vital role in the progress of the Philippines economy. This is why people employment plays a vital role in the Philippine’s nation-building.
There are two goals in this post:
    1. For the job-hunters to learn the top 10 most trusted sites to look for their dream job, and
    2. For the employers to learn of the Philippines most trusted job sites where they can find capable and competent candidates for the job.
Below is a list Philippines trusted job sites where thousands and thousands of people visit online to look for jobs be it home-based/online or offline:
  1. (Local and jobs abroad)
  2. (Local and jobs abroad)
  3. Mynimo (Local and jobs abroad)
  4. (Usually virtual work/home-based)
  5. (Local and jobs abroad)
  6. (Local and jobs abroad)
  7. (Usually jobs abroad or outside the Philippines)
  8. Freelancer/Odesk/elance (Usually virtual or online jobs)
  9. (Local or jobs abroad)
  10. (Local or jobs abroad)
  11. (Local or jobs abroad)
  12. (Local or jobs abroad)

Looking for jobs in the Philippines is not super hard. I think just like in any other country, you have to weigh your qualifications versus the requirements needed for the job. I hope this post helps! Let me know how it goes so far for you. Maybe I can help in one way or another.

Have a good day!

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