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Top 10 reasons why working as a virtual assistant is cool

December 15, 2017
Top 10 reasons working as a VA

Regular 9-to-5 jobs may appear to provide more permanence and stability compared to “freelancing” online. That’s admitted especially when you don’t have a regular client online nor a stable business to speak of. Like any other venture, you have to think it through properly and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Working online as a virtual assistant can also offer stability. Provided, you will be able to find an employer that is looking for a long-term worker. Some of the virtual assistants I know have been into the “online world” making a living for a couple of years.

You would never really find out without making that big leap. You may have never imagined a career that can be set up right from home. However, becoming a virtual assistant has proven to be increasing in demand and more popular nowadays. Anything new seems cool but the perks of becoming a VA has attracted more people into making that radical career shift and it looks very promising. I can say there are more than 10 reasons why working as a virtual assistant is cool but for the sake of this post, let’s just cite 10 for now.

The trend

The digital age has opened doors to new careers like becoming a VA (short for virtual assistant). Here are the top 10 reasons why working as a virtual assistant is cool and why a lot of people are considering working from home already:

1. Work from Home Setup – Your Own Space, Your Own Office. Thanks to the power of digital technology, you can now set up a home office and work from there as well, anywhere so long as there is the Internet. You can finally enjoy your own space and peacefully work. As long as you have a computer or laptop plus internet connection and a mobile phone, you can be more in control of your time and space.

2. Flexibility. Having the luxury of time isn’t really possible when you have a typical desk job. This is what makes working as a VA really cool – you get to have a flexible schedule and work at your own pace and time whilst delivering results. You also get to spend more time now with your family and friends not to mention travel whenever you like!

3. Fire Your Boss. Yes, you get to be your own boss when you are a VA. You hold the power in managing your time and work schedule. You can take in as much tasks or projects as you can or even outsource them. This allows you take control of your income and avoid bosses who are control freaks. More good news, less office politics.

4. Build Your Skillset And Portfolio. Working as a VA means that you would be working with different clients from varied industries. You will also be trained and exposed to working on different tools and in turn, get to upgrade your skills in time. With that being said, you can build and diversify your VA portfolio which will showcase your skills and experiences working on varied projects. This will then help you increase your rate and also gain more high-paying clients.

5. Cost-Effective. An office job would usually require you to dress up in corporate attire or wear a set of uniform depending on your industry. Working as a VA means that you don’t need to wear any makeup or revamp your corporate wardrobe because you get to work from home with no dress code. You also save on transportation and meal expenses while working as a VA.

6. Variety. Becoming a VA means that you will gain new experiences and knowledge working on different industries. This means that you will not be stuck in the same job or routine tasks for years. This makes the VA career really exciting and invigorating.

7. Build Self-Confidence. The VA career helps you get on top of your finances and building a reputable career wherein you are valued by your clientele. This helps boost your self-worth in the process.

8. Financial Growth. Your income grows as your build your VA career online. Your income also grows with you as you expand your services and client base considering that you would be earning in dollars or pounds mostly without ever leaving home or working abroad.

9. More “Me” Time. When you work on a typical 9-to-5 job, you don’t get to control your hours. You risk losing time for your kids and husband as well as time for yourself. Going into the VA career helps you provide more time for yourself and family.

10. Career Growth. Being a VA opens doors for promotion or for working on diverse industries and projects. So long as you know how to manage your time properly, being a VA can be a very rewarding career option.

Working as a virtual assistant has no doubt evolved into a more convenient career option. The financial rewards plus the freedom to juggle tasks in your hands is what makes becoming a VA a cool career path for many people looking to work at the comforts of their own home.

Do you have any questions on how to start working as VA? Or any questions related to that matter? Feel free to email me and we can chat!


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