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Things to Bring When Traveling Out of Town

February 27, 2017
What to bring when traveling out of town

When it comes to traveling out of town, a short staycation (stay+vacation) to my favorite place (a 5-hour drive to the beach) and one or two nights camping, I always wanted to get ready. So, I keep my checklist of things to bring when traveling out of town. One, I want to be comfortable when traveling for hours. Two, I don’t want to get sick during or after the trip. So, I put my girl scout cap on the night before the scheduled trip and tick off my check list on what things to bring.

Caution: I decided to have a long list so I won’t forget anything. It’s up to you to add a thing or more to this list. Feel free to copy and paste the list of items below:

Jacket/coat to stay warm
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Soap for body and face
Shades and hat
Alcohol or sanitizer
Towel when necessary
Phone charger and power bank
Pen (in case needed)
A little scissors in case needed
⌚️ watch
Cap or hat
Extra shirts and shorts
Plastic for laundry na basa
Games or whatever for entertainment
Pillow for head
Insect repellent ?
Rash guard when in the beach
A nice bag to keep all your belongings
For the girls: minimal makeup kit (like lipstick, lip gloss, moisturizer and foundation)
A hair tie/hair pins if you have longer hair
Lactacyd or any feminine wash to stay fresh
Sunscreen for the face and body
Nail cutter when needed
Camera for taking pictures!
Before you leave the house, make sure all the lights are out (except when you have an aquarium, etc.). If you have pets at home, please don’t leave them without food and water. Better yet, don’t leave them alone when you are going to embark on a long trip. If you have a nice neighbor or someone who can watch over them, ask them nicely or pay them some amount to take care of your pets while you are away. It’s better to leave your pets and belongings to someone you can trust. Before you leave, you may also ask a good neighbor to watch over your house or apartment while you are away (that is, if you trust your neighbor). Tip: Do not post on social media that you are going to be away or that you will be away for the time being. You don’t want to invite burglars for the perfect timing to attack.
Don’t forget to check your car (gas, tires, breaks, water, etc) the night/day before the scheduled trip to avoid any hassle along the way. If you can, you can get an extra tire and store it at the back of the car (hidden) just in case you need a replacement and you are in a remote place. It’s also good to have an extra battery when conditions are good.
Lastly, if you have longer trips, you can always stop over for food but it will not hurt if you will bring some snacks and water with you. Remember, it pays to be prepared. Think of your “things to bring” always earlier than your scheduled trip. I hope the checklist above helps in one way or another.
Do you have something to add? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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