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There’s a way to find your virtual assistant from the Philippines hassle-free

December 16, 2017
There's a way to find your virtual assistant from the Philippines hassle-free

Sometimes, it’s just a little stressful when you need a lot of things done and you don’t have much time. Things just have to move forward and you can’t handle everything because your hands are too full. When it comes to starting a business or expanding your scope, things could get out of hand. This is why getting a help from someone you can trust could really save you time and energy. You can hire a virtual assistant so you get a helping hand in your business while you focus on the more important things like business planning and expansion. This is how Recruitment Done For You – Your Virtual Assistant Matchmaker can help you.

Find your virtual assistant from the Philippines hassle-free

We matchmake employers with their ideal virtual assistants. With Recruitment Done For You, you will have your own recruitment team whenever you need one. This means that you can contact us any time of the day if you are looking for a virtual assistant or worker to help you or your business move forward. You just have to let us know what you are looking for in a virtual worker and we will do the rest of the recruitment process. We envision to help employers and talented Filipino employees find their right match of workers/digital workplace. So, it’s a win-win on both sides (and us).

Recruitment Done For You team will do the screening for you. We recruit efficient virtual assistants in the Philippines that you can hire for a full time (40 hours/week) or for part-time employment.

  • The virtual assistants are screened for English
  • Credentials checked
  • Interviewed and filtered (by us, for you)

The interviews are normally done online. Once you tell us what you are looking for, we will immediately start to look for your business perfect match. Once we have filtered the most competent ones, you have the option to interview the top three via voice call or video call. When you picked one or two candidates, our mission is fulfilled!

We can hire the following for you:

    • General virtual assistant
    • Webmaster
    • SEO person
    • WordPress expert
    • Writer
    • Graphic designer
    • Video editor
    • Social media manager
    • Sales and online marketing person among others

Here’s how Recruitment Done For You can assist you with finding the right candidate for the job:

Our mission is to save you more time by overcoming the challenges of outsourcing.

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If you need help finding your virtual assistant, you can talk to us or learn more from here.

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