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The New Chocolate Pizza in S&R Membership Shopping: Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza

March 14, 2017
Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza

We’ve recently done some groceries at S&R Membership Shopping last Sunday. Our favorite food to eat is of course… their pizza. We buy at least 2 big boxes of their pizza every time. We usually have any thing with cheese so we normally have the largest size of Cheese and then Pepperoni pizza (with a promise to burn some fat and sweat a lot later during the day). This time, however, we bought 1 big box of Cheese pizza and the new guy in town – Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza.

Here’s how my plate looked like with the Cheese pizza on it (please don’t judge)

The cheese pizza and the chicken were still warm. It was mouthwatering. It was sinfully but yummy cheesy. I can’t live without rice but whenever we are at S&R, I’m fine with pizza alone.

Here’s S&R’s Cheese Pizza pricing courtesy of S&R’s Facebook page:

And here’s how the Strawberry Nutella looked like (I’m fond of food photography and sharing what I see in my food)
(So “instagramable” a.k.a picture worthy.)

Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza


The S&R pricing courtesy of S&R’s Facebook page:

Believe when they say that one slice is big enough for two because it really is. We even divided a slice into three and took home the rest of the pizza because we were just so full. (Dalagang Filipina burp! ?)

I wished they have a delivery service for this.

Verdict on the Strawberry Nutella Pizza:

5 out of 5 stars. I could really taste the Nutella and the strawberries. The crust of the pizza was more of like crunchy. So I was like literally having fun with the nutella and munching on the crispy crust. The strawberry’s taste pop out, too. It was new to my tastebuds but it was good. I’m sure I will order another one next time.

If you would like to learn more, this is the S&R’s official Facebook page:

S&R Membership (Official)

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