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San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center in Legarda

January 9, 2018

San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic Center (SLRSCC) is a co-ed dormitory located in Legarda Street, Manila. It is run by the Chemin Neuf.

I came to know of this co-ed dorm from friends. When I decided it’s where I want to stay in Manila, I researched about it extensively. Unfortunately, there’s really not so much information about the dorm online. So I had to call a bunch of numbers to ask questions and sent a bunch of emails from here to there.

It was kind of a long process to get the information I needed. Hence, I decided to write this article for those who need help in finding or getting more information about San Lorenzo dorm (for brevity) because I’m already in the dorm and I believe these things are the insights/tips/things you need to know before going in.

I’ve been living here in Manila for a couple of years now and my first choice was really to live in a condo. And I did, for two years. I decided to give SanLo a try because I don’t want to think about what to cook and when to buy groceries, etc during my exam days.

Will I recommend SanLo to friends? Absolutely.

Why? Because of the following:

  1. It’s better than the other dorms I’ve been to.
  2. I don’t have to think about what to eat – the food is already included in the monthly fees.
  3. There’s a church/chapel. I can attend a mass or reflect whenever I want to. Not that I can’t reflect or do meditations in my room but sometimes, I just really want to kneel down in a place where there are total solitude and silence.
  4. I don’t have to pay electricity and water bills. These are also included in the monthly fees.
  5. Friends. I have met new friends and we go to the dorm activities together.
  6. Speaking of dorm activities, there’s praise and worship Tuesdays where you can sing and dance and worship together with dorm mates. It’s a nice way to de-stress. There’s also a retreat for dormers.
  7. The dorm has a study hall. When I’m bored studying/reading in my room, I would go downstairs to the study hall.
  8. The location of the dorm is strategic because review centers and schools are just a ride away or even walking distance. For example, San Beda and San Sebastian review/schools are only within walking distance from the dorm.
  9. I can jog/run/exercise in the dorm’s compound! Yes, it’s big enough.

What I possibly don’t like but actually turned out to be “I like”:

  1. The fact that there’s no elevator. My room was on the 4th floor. I have to use the stairs. But it turned out to be totally okay because I get to exercise! I didn’t like the idea before but my legs look good now. So, no complaints.
  2. I cannot get to choose my food when I want a particular kind of food. It was an issue for me at the beginning. But then, I realized, I can go to a restaurant or whenever I want to! The important thing is, I don’t waste my precious time finding food. By the way, when you are allergic to something, you can always tell Sister Janis, Sister Marino or Brother Andy that you are allergic to something so that they will know what to serve.

Requirements to prepare for checking in:

There are some papers the dorm will ask you to submit before checking in. It includes an ID picture, barangay certificate or cedula, their duly accomplished form among others. Email: [email protected] for your queries so you will be able to prepare the requirements in advance. If you have questions, I’m also very reachable via the contact form of this website.

Here’s some more information about San Lorenzo Dormitory:

This is SanLo’s facebook account:

Feel free to send your inquiries there or email them but it is advised that you check the PDF guide I provided above. A lot of questions can be answered by reading the above’s guide.

Some pictures you might want to see:

This is the chapel of the dorm where mass celebrations are held:

This is the receiving/waiting area, this is where you will be asked to sit or wait when checking-in with the dorm:

Oh, because the lodging/monthly dorm fee includes food already, here’s a food picture. I think it was lunch or supper that time when I took this photo. I talk to Kuya Noli, Kuya Felix and Kuya Romeo whenever I get my food from the counter. I say “hi!” Or give them compliments when they serve one of my favorite dishes. This was my first meal! Yum!

By the way, I’m very particular about cleanliness especially when it comes to food handling and utensils. Fortunately, the dorm’s utensils are really sterilized. So if you are like me who’s worried about this stuff, worry not too much. They are clean.

For those who are taking the Bar Exams, CPA Board Exam, MedTech, Engineering Board, etc. this is my conclusion:


I love being in the San Lorenzo dorm. I needed “peace of mind”. It gave me that. I have also met good friends. Not only that.. My spiritual longings for prayer and worship were met. I was honestly hesitant in attending prayer meetings when I’m not familiar with the people organizing/attending it. But the people of this dorm made everybody feels welcome. It’s a great experience.

Latest update as of May 2018, the SanLo Management announced:


For inquiries, you can either

send an email at [email protected]


fill up the inquiry form at


Call 09209649452, (02) 523 8378

Thank you!

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