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Recruitment Done For You – Hire A Virtual Assistant

Recruitment Done For You is a service conceptualized to help a friend in need of finding an online personal assistant. She is satisfied with what I did and she is happy with her online personal assistant now. So, I said, why not help others too, when I can. Hence, the Recruitment Done For You service came to life.

When you avail of the service, it is like you have your own human resources/recruitment manager. The advantage is, you will only spend $200 USD when you need to hire a virtual staff. You have no commitment to retain the service whatsoever. It is a one-time payment for a one-time transaction of hiring your own virtual assistant from the Philippines.

Let’s get to know each other

Hiring virtual assistants from Philippines

Hi! I’m Stela and my aim is to help you find a reliable Filipino virtual assistant whatever be the type of business you have. What do you need help with? I have worked with a couple of companies in the past and able to find workers that stay with the company for long. My goal is to find the best fit virtual employee – be it a personal assistant, web development person or a graphics designer. To name, I worked with marketing agencies, dental clinics, among others. I believe I can help businesses grow by doing just the same.

In the recruitment process of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant, Recruitment Done For You will see to it that we understand what you need from an online staff so we will know who and how to look for him or her. We follow a systemic process to do this efficiently and more timely.


Why hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines?

It is cost-effective. Generally, hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines costs less than hiring VAs from other parts of the world. The salary expectation of a virtual assistant from the Philippines depends upon the level of experience of the VA as well as his or her field of expertise. If he or she has been a virtual assistant for a long time, chances are, he or she already knows how to work around tasks with less supervision and more quality work. Hence, higher salary expectations. On the other hand, if your virtual assistant is new to the playing field, the good side is that the VA can be an empty cup willing to be filled – he or she can be trained. Hence, less amount of salary expectations. Training must be provided so you will achieve the results you envision for your business to achieve. Negotiation is key.

•Value for your money. You spend less and yet, you will have more output because you will receive the help that you need.

•Quality work. Virtual assistants from the Philippines can speak and write well in English. Provide them with training and do series of tests and you are off to a good start.

•More growth. As you can delegate tasks and projects to your trusted virtual assistant, you can then focus on getting more leads and lients. You will have more time to focus on the business side and expansion. Cheers!


Here’s how the hiring of the virtual assistant works:

1. Click the “GET STARTED” button below.

2. Enter your name, email address, and payment details. Don’t worry, everything is Paypal-based to make sure it is secure even when you use a credit card or Paypal itself. If you wish to have a bank to bank transfer, it will take more time, but why not. For a bank to bank transaction, please contact Recruitment Done For You through the contact form here.

3. Expect an email within 24 hours after successful payment. Or, if you have paid via Paypal/online, you will be redirected to our onboarding process. We will have to ask you for the JD (job description) document. Please fill out the forms given so we can proceed efficiently.

4. Within 7 working days, we will send you the list of the top three matched candidates for the job. You can take over from there and choose your top pick. It is advised to do a video call interview so you will get to see the demeanour of the VA.

5. When you have chosen your virtual assistant, Recruitment Done For You’s mission is accomplished and you can start working with your VA. No strings attached between us and you. That’s a promise.


Do you want me to start hiring your virtual assistant now? Let’s start our matchmaking! 

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Here’s the arrangement:

**Recruitment Done For You’s role is to only look for the ideal candidates for you so you don’t have to look for them yourself. We know how time-consuming it is and how frustrating it can be! We will take charge of that.

**We will be the one to create the job adverts, do the screening and pre-interviewing for you so that you will only need to face three top candidates to choose from.

**If you like the job applicants to undergo some kind of test, please provide some more information on the job description to be submitted.

**You will be the employer and we will not mingle or touch anything between you and your virtual assistant. Our role is “match-making”. That is, to find the employers their right virtual assistants and the virtual assistants to find their right employers. Please note that we will not and will never charge any fee from any virtual assistant.

Mission and vision

My mission with Recruitment Done For You is to help more deserving Filipino virtual assistants to find their dream job or work through RDFY (Recruitment Done For You) and for the entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and move forward. I see it as a win-win.

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If you happen to have any concerns or questions about Recruitment Done For You service, please contact me here and let’s chat.

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