Luchie’s Beauty Salon in Ozamiz City: A Review

August 24, 2017

It’s that time of the year to have my hair treatments done. I wanted to have a new hair color and I also wanted to have a straighter hair. I decided to have a hair rebond. I’ve been frequenting a certain salon in Ozamiz in the past whenever I was able to visit the city (I’m based in Manila or sometimes Cebu). This time, however, I wanted to try something new including a new salon. Who knows? They might be better? Nothing. I just wanted to experiment. Sometimes, my “experimental” side takes over. ?

Anyways, so I drag my cousin and sister with me and we went to Luchie’s. We found out that as to terms of price, they are affordable. For the rebonding of my shoulder-length hair, they priced it 3,000 Pesos. It includes hair color in L’oreal already. My other salon would charge me 3,000 Pesos before as well but the hair color was separate. So, I thought, okay! Good. Let’s try!

By the way, here’s Lutchie’s Salon in Ozamiz price list to guide you:

Overall, I am happy with the result of the services I availed. I love my hair! 

By the way, they also offer hair do and make up for special occasions. 

Lutchie’s Salon Ozamiz contact number: 0917-361-2723

Tip: Go over to the salon or call them ahead to schedule an appointment. In the event you decide to go in person to schedule an appointment or maybe you are ready to avail of their service, ask for Miss Lutchie to assist you. 

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