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February 17, 2017

I know how it feels to have no or fewer resources and start from scratch. So, I have compiled a number of audio recordings, law reviewers, PDFs and other files related to Philippine laws. They are useful to those who study law or doing their Bar Exam Review. These law resources came from different people. I compiled them and organize them into Google Drive folders.

I am sharing them here for free and I don’t intend to sell or make profit out from it. If you ever download from the folders, please don’t sell them. Instead, share them to those who are in need. Spread generosity and kindness. 🙂
Links to the different folders:
Political Law
Labor Law
Civil Law
Mercantile/Commercial Law
Criminal Law
Remedial Law
Legal Ethics
Other resources

I will update the folders from time to time to add more law materials. Audio recordings take time to upload because of the file size. Feel free to check on them once in a while.

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