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Law Considered As ‘Instructions from the Maker’

March 23, 2017
Law Considered As ‘Instructions from the Maker’

Law Considered As ‘Instructions from the Maker’
by the late Justice Edgardo L. Paras

If an inventor in a moment of generosity, should favor you with the gift of a complicated newly-invented machine, how would you make it work? The answer is simple: follow his instructions. Follow the machine manual’s instructions, and the machine will work. Disregard them, and the machine will simply refuse to function.

How can the human machine — this strange, lovable, complex machine called MAN, with its mortal body, and its eternal soul — be made to function well? The answer is also simple: follow the instructions of its Maker. Unless this is done, the human machine will become a futile, senseless object, utterly incapable of fulfilling its destiny. These instructions from the Maker — we call the LAW.

Faculties and Objects of the Human Mind

The human mind consists principally of two faculties:

(a) the intellect — the proper object of which is the TRUTH;
(b) and the will — the proper object of which is the GOOD.

The intellect cannot rest till it has comprehended INFINITE TRUTH; the will cannot be satisfied till it has grasped INFINITE GOOD.

Since the combination of the truth and the good is what we call the beautiful, it follows that the combination of INFINITE TRUTH and INFINITE GOOD is INFINITE BEAUTY or GOD.

Thus it is that man, who was created by GOD (the First Cause), is ultimately destined for GOD (Who is also the Last Cause).

Thus, it is also that man, whose purpose is to know GOD, to love HIM, and to serve HIM in this world, and to be happy with HIM forever in the next, can attain his final destiny only by following the LAW.

I feel the need to share the text above. It’s just so beautifully and passionately written. How can you make your life work? It’s an excerpt of the late Justice Paras’s book: Civil Code Volume I – Introductory Chapter.

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