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What to Do When It’s Your Last Day in The Office 

March 31, 2017
What to Do When It's Your Last Day in The Office

So you made your decision. You are jumping off from your old routine in the office to head on to another chapter of your life. It’s your last day in the office. Aside from cleaning up your desk, what should you do when it’s your last day in the office? (I hope you are not on AWOL a.k.a Absence Without Leave)

Here are some things you can do when it’s your last day in the office:

Clean up your desk.

Pack up your things in a sturdy container and do a little cleaning up as a courtesy to anyone who will replace your table. If you are friends with the janitor or utility, he or she will also thank you for it (even secretly).

Leave a letter.

Of course, you don’t have to do this to all or everyone in the office. Who is/are your best buds in the office? Send them a letter, text or email. You can thank them for the time you have spent together. Did you learn any thing valuable from them? Enjoyed their company? Write down the things you are thankful about. When writing down your message, as much as possible, be personal and be sincere. Remember, you are leaving and they are staying (in the meantime). As much as possible, leave a nice impression to some if not all of your workmates. It’s easier said than done but give it a try anyway.

make a note or letter

Goodbye blowout/treat.

A goodbye blowout or treat will not hurt except your pocket. It’s a little weird but some people would really become nice when you give them food, or make them food or feed them. If it’s allowed to have a little feast in the office pantry, go ahead and order some food. Even a delicious pizza treat would do. Oh, giving everyone free coffee may also do. Think of something that your can afford if budget is an issue. As what they say, it’s the thought that counts.


Are you the type who wants to be remembered? Think of some souvenirs like key chains, pencil cases, paper weights and ref magnets. You can leave it on your workmates’ tables or you can give it personally. When you choose to leave it on their tables, wrap the souvenirs nicely and leave a note to let them know that it’s from you. On the other hand, if you prefer to give the souvenirs in person, say your thanks and goodbyes sincerely. You certainly cannot please everybody. Haters gonna hate. It’s that simple. However, sometimes, a small gesture of kindness means a world to someone.
The bottom line in all of these is to leave a mark worth remembering. In life, we can’t always pass a road twice. Sometimes, in times of irreparable adversities, we have to burn bridges. Most of the times, we have to build them. Building structures entails effort. Carry on.

Von voyage!

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