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How to access PAGIBIG Prepaid Citibank Card

July 24, 2017

My cousin asked for my help yesterday because she has this Citibank prepaid card from PAGIBIG or PAG IBIG (pardon, I don’t feel like researching right now – it’s 12 midnight). Anyway, the Citibank Prepaid Card turns out to be the card PAG IBIG give when you get a loan from them. So, instead of cash, they will give you the card and it is where you will get the money. Before, PAG IBIG release or give the funds via Landbank. Today, they use Citibank prepaid cards. Hence, this new system.

My cousin’s experience:

So, the bottomline is that my cousin got the Citibank prepaid card from PAG IBIG. When she tried to use and withdraw the money from it from an ATM machine, no cash was dispensed but there was solely an error message. She was not able to withdraw money or funds from it from the day they said the funds was going to be available. She tried again and again but was constantly having this error message from the ATM machine even when she entered her 4-digit PIN as provided in the card.

What she didn’t know was that the card has to be activated first. And for this to happen, she has to call the number provided in the prepaid card or those numbers in the envelope which frankly didn’t really matter because it was either busy or the operator would say that there was a problem or an error. We tried a hundred times to call those numbers but nothing.

I did my research and found that a lot of people experienced the same problem. When I research though, I don’t stop when I don’t get a good answer to my query. So, I called, emailed, and chatted with Citibank customer service. Within an hour, I was able to call Citibank Prepaid and finally activated and changed my cousin’s PIN. I bet my cousin could already withdraw her money tomorrow first thing in the morning (I’m writing this in the middle of the night).

So what really happened and what should you do to access or activate the card?

My advise to you is call this number when you need to activate your PAG IBIG Prepaid Citibank card. Whether it be Visa or Bancnet, just call:

02 789-3111 (TRY THIS FIRST) or 02 995-9999 or 866 326 8689

Reminders: Ready your card with you. I’m sure you know your own birthdate under normal circumstances. So enter or key in the exact date, then MONTH and full year as the operator suggests. Example: 31/03/1976.

Again, follow the instructions as the operator suggests. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the proper format of the birthday and you won’t be able to change your PIN.

When you are able successfully change the PIN, congratulations! You can then proceed to the ATM and withdraw the money.

If by all means it all failed, email the bank here: [email protected]

You can also send them a message via Facebook/messenger:

Please share this page to anyone who might need help.

Let me know how it works for you. Thank you!

  1. I tried to contact all the numbers listed but to no avail. I even get to talk to Pag-ibig again to verify where is the issue since I am unable to proceed in activating my card. Its been hours and I just gave up. Now I was left with no choice but to go to Citi Bank to confirm whats going on.

    1. Hi Kaye. Did you dial including the area code which is 02? I just dialed those numbers now and they work. Not sure why it does not work on your end. It works on the others, too. Try refreshing your phone and call some other numbers to see if the issue is on your end.

    1. Hi Zhel. It was the PAGIBIG staff who gave you the PIN? Your PIN is usually just reflected in your card or the envelope that comes with it. Try calling or visiting the PAG IBIG branch that gave you the card. But if I were on your shoes, I would call the number above and ask Citibank Philippines first. 🙂

  2. Hi ms stela,thanks a lot for sharing that #, l tried calling the # that was written on the card many times but it always answer me that the # i have dialed is incorrect,i was so frustrated then,but thanks again to u,i have alredy activated my card now

  3. Hi! I tried the information you provided on how to activate the prepaid card for pag-ibig and got a message that it is successful. Now my problem is that I set 6 digit pin instead of 4 and when I tried to withdraw the money, I got an error stating I entered the wrong pin. Hope you have an idea if I can still change it through calling the number again. Thanks!

  4. .good morning.i tried yesterday to widthraw my pag ibig loan in my card but until now my balance is 75.00 pesos.i activate my card the day i get my atm card in pag ibig.i call in 789 3111 then he said my card is successfully activate..i got a new pin..but i tried today to widthraw my money but the balance is totally the same..this day is 1 week of my loan

    1. Hi. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is my understanding to your comment: You were able to use your card. The issue is that the funds or money was not yet in your card/account ?

  5. Hi..i’ve tried contacting both numbers but i just got annoyed. First, i’ve dialled 02 988911 but it is just the same as their hotline. U need to wait for the operator to no avail. I’ve dialled the 2nd number but a man answered me and when i ask for a citibank, he just yelled at me and cursed me by saying that the number was never a citibank number. How was that?

    1. Hi. I have just updated this article. I called Citibank myself (just now – August 29, 2017 at 11:15 in the morning). Please use: 02 789-3111 (TRY THIS FIRST) or 02 995-9999. And key in your Citibank card number. If you don’t have any follow the voice prompt in (02) 995-9999. I only waited for less than 4 minutes. Let me know how it works for you. Thank you!

      1. Hi again Ms. Stella,
        I would like to thank you for these. I made it successfully using the first number you gave. Thanks a lot really. I dont know how i can show you my deepest gratitude but them GOD bless you for being so kind to other people. I wish you more blessings to come as well.

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