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A letter of hope to those who are feeling hopeless

March 10, 2017
hope to those who are feeling hopeless

Dear You,

Are you feeling hopeless? Drowning? Suffering is a part of existence. Sometimes, you feel that life is too hard. Sometimes, it is too much painful to bear. All of a sudden, it feels like everything is suffocating you. It’s a feeling so intolerable… It’s a poisonous arrow in the heart. Like a poisonous arrow, it renders your slow death.. Second by second, it pierces itself within and you know it’s there. No one can feel it but you. Every inch an agony.. Every inch a torture. It’s like a fang of death, vicious– all consuming. It’s very tiresome. Until you realize.. You are so numb to move.

Have you realized or have you even asked yourself, “Wait a minute, I can feel. And i can still feel this agonizing pain. I’m here. I’m still here. How? But I feel so numb. I think I can’t move.

Dear you..

You are fortunate. You are fortunate and blessed for you still have air to breathe. The fact that you know these things that’s killing you inside is a good thing. (Oh good enough it would seem). What is it then that’s making you defenseless? Can you identify it? No?

Then the next question is: What are you doing about it?

Are you trying to wait for somebody to come and rescue you from your own self created pitfall? Have you decided to give up and play dead? You don’t need a hero to come rescue you. Of course, you deserve to be rescued. Everybody deserves to be rescued for whatever one is worth. But you have to realize that everybody is dealing with their own demons, too. You have to play your part. You have to discover the real you inside and what makes you – you. What are you fighting for? Who do you live for? Why do you care? Not all the people we care for actually care for us. But damn. Who says our loved ones has to care for us first before we can care for them? Create your edifice and build a foundation unshockable with any negativity in your surrounding.

Be a messenger of hope. Be a salt in the sand. Be the exceptional light in the world.

Wake up and stand tall! Here’s the reality: whether or not you decide to climb, the Earth would still revolve around the sun. And it will for at least a thousand more years (as scientists predicted). Even when you decide to stay where you are right now and wallow on your sweet bitter downfall, the world goes on. On the other hand, when you decide to bear the pain no matter how hellishly painful it may seem and learn to stand again, you can go and revolve with the world. You know the choice is for you to make. Other people could help you but they are not you. The very person who could move your ass out from destruction is yourself.

I hope you have realized this. I hope you have realized you are not really hopeless. Realizing that the first step is realizing what you need to realize is a big leap. So, leap ahead.

The challenge is:

Are you ready to make a decision?

Are you willing to play dead or be a warrior? I hope you choose the better one and play good.


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