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Foods to Eat for Healthy Brain

February 25, 2017
Food for healthy brain

Admit it or not, we age. And as we age, there are a lot of changes in our body – those that we like and those we don’t really like at all. One of the things I don’t like is being “forgetful” or not being able to remember things as fast as I should unlike before (not that I’m already old, I’m still on mid 20s. I just really want a super brain!) I like to remember things as fast as I can. Having a super brain would be very helpful in quizzes and exams, too.

If only learning how to have a photographic memory is easy or at least scientifically proven to really work on my end, I would have grabbed the opportunity. However, as they say, look on the brighter side of things. I may not have the gift of having a photographic memory but I can improve my brain’s performance/function through practice and eating the right kind of food. So, I did my homework and research about “super foods” that are good for the brain.

Here’s a list of food that are proven to improve memory and/or the brain’s performance as a whole:
[ ] Vitamin E – There are food supplements out there but walnuts are also good source of Vitamin E.
[ ] Avocados
[ ] Tuna (Known as bariles/tulingan in our dialect)
[ ] Malunggay – Yes, that green leafy vegetable.
[ ] Wine and champagne – In moderation.
[ ] Blueberries – Jams are good, too.
[ ] Egg – Chicken eggs, that is.

So, make these a daily habit and let me know how it works for you. I have compiled a number of recipes here. These are varied recipes (some are good for your health while some aren’t really). I will try to upload more healthy recipes.

Warning: If you have history of arthritis or allergies to any of the above items, please don’t go against your body’s signals.

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