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Where to Find Work Online

March 20, 2017
Where to Find Work Online

Working online has many benefits. You control your own time, your own working environment (the physical aspect of the job) and generally, your lifestyle. No one orders you “physically” to produce a copy of a certain document and store it in a dusty/creepy stockroom. Nobody literally yells at you all the time because you were late. Unless of course if you have set a specific working time and you didn’t show up “virtually”. Nonetheless, working online offers a variety of advantages. But where to find work online? To be specific, where to find a “legit” work online?

I decided to work online because I am so done being involved with office politics, dealing with nonsense rumors is the least of my concern (not that I am involved in any, please don’t). Most importantly, I am so done with receiving a minimal amount of salary for almost the same kind of work when I know to myself I can do better when I have the choice.

So, I made a choice.

Where to Find Work Online

I decided to work online and grow with it. Many of my friends asked me on where do I look for an online job or project. It seems that people are also getting more interested to venture into this field. So, I wrote this article to share.

My top 5 job sites for finding an online job:

  1. This site offers a lot of job opportunities for job-seekers. There are those who look for data-entry specialists, web designers, personal assistants, WordPress Experts, among others. There are just too  many to mention. So go ahead and make an impressive CV and profile, take one of their exams to boost your hiring score and land an online job.
  2. This site is good for “gigs”. If you are looking to freelance or to have a part-time job, then this site might be perfect you. People who needs something done visit this website and pay for $5.00 for each of the task. If you are good with something like writing a resume, editing, transcribing an audio, you might want to check Fiverr and create a gig for yourself. This is where you can earn something extra on your spare time.
  3. Jobstreet is known in the Philippine as a to-go to site when it comes to jobs. Jobstreet does not only feature offline jobs. They also cater those who would like to find jobs online. Usually, they use the keyword: home-based or virtual worker in their job ads. So, go ahead and use some synonyms in the “search” field and start finding that perfect match for you.
  4. Outsourcely. Just like, Outsourcely mainly caters people who wants to land a job online. This site has a different style though and again, you have to create your own job-seeker profile aside from your CV to make it work.
  5. JobsDB or Careerjet. There are online jobs posted into these sites as well. You have to ready your CV ahead because you will be asked for one. Don’t forget your letter of intent a.k.a application letter. Tip: Be sure to always list your skills that are relevant to the job. Let’s highlight the word “relevant”.

In finding a job online, you have to be always vigilant. Do not give your personal information such as ATM numbers or bank information in your application. Moreover, DO NOT SEND MONEY when you are being asked to send even a penny. Sites like filter the information given by employers to make sure fraudsters are being banned before even reaching their site.

Do you need a longer list of where to find jobs online? Here’s the top 12 job sites in the Philippines.

What website do you visit to find a job? Share your thoughts below and let’s chat!

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