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Discovering the National Shrine of Padre Pio in Santo Thomas, Batangas

February 24, 2017
National Shrine of Padre Pio in Batangas

We have been to this place more than twice and I thought of sharing the wonderful experience hoping I could help a reader or two find their way to this blessed place. To summarize, this place is special especially to Catholics and those who admire the works/advocacy of Padre Pio.

Like any other not-so-familiar places we have visited in the past, we consulted our travel buddy Google Maps to gain insight for directions to guide us in heading to the place. Tip: Its good to download the offline map of the area so that when you lose the internet, you can still locate where you are heading. There are a lot of places where Internet is really nowhere to be found. So it is better to be prepared.

This should give you a hint if you travel using a private car. I will post an update to this post for the public transportation info. Make yourself familiar with the map for now:

It was Sunday morning at around 6 when we took off from Las Piñas City. We chose to travel early as we always do. Moreover, we don’t want to be jammed up because of traffic. Sunday is great when you wake up late and stay in bed just a little longer.. But it’s great to go out and do something peace-giving to the mind and soul. Traveling from Metro Manila to the National Shrine of Padre Pio is a little adventure. But the travel is worth it! And the fresh air is just soul-refreshing.

So when we got to the place, we parked the car in one of the private lots near the Shrine. We paid 50 Pesos for it as we had no choice. There was no longer any vacant parking space nearby. Some residents however offered their private spaces for 50 Pesos for the entire day already. So, it was not bad. Oh, it was Sunday so there were a lot of people than usual but good thing we brought drinking water and umbrellas with us as it was kind of humid. Here’s how it looked like on the way to the entrance of the Shrine:

The Shrine of Padre Pio has a nice church as well. You can write your petitions (things you pray for like passing an exam, good health or recovery, etc) on a piece of paper and drop it on the petitions box so the nuns and priests can pray for you. They do not ask for money but I personally think it is good to share something as well.. not as a way of payment but as a way of saying “Thank you”. As they say, a grateful heart is always blessed.

The mass rites at the Shrine of Padre Pio were really solemn. Below is their mass schedule as of February 24, 2017:


Here are some of the photos I took from the National Shrine of Padre Pio:
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Have you been to Padre Pio? Share us your thoughts.

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