Courtesy in the ATM booth

August 28, 2017

Sometimes, there are a lot of people lining up. Sometimes, it is just you or someone else in the ATM booth. While some are in a hurry, some are also super “taking-their-time-as-long-as-they-want-to”. No matter how long the queue is, it is still a good habit to pay some courtesy to others and observe the below acts or habits when you are doing a transaction in the ATM booth of any bank:

1. Form in line. Others are also there to transact. Their time is also valuable. Don’t cheat. If it’s a matter of life and death, ask others nicely if you could be prioritized. 

2. Don’t flip your long hair. Okay, you have a long nice hair. Or not. But if you know someone is right behind you, keep your hair to yourself. It’s really not a crime but it is so rude when the person standing right behind you is hit by your unnecessary mannerism or “pa-cute” style. 

3. Get your receipt from the machine (and for goodness sakes!) throw it away PROPERLY! The ATM booth is an ATM booth. It’s not a trash bin. Most of the ATM machines also have a trash bin nearby. Have some discipline and throw your trash to the right place. 

4. Don’t take your time. You don’t own the ATM booth. When you are out from your “learning how to use the ATM stage”, then do your transactions and get out of sight from the machine. Some people have the habit of even chatting right in the front of the machine when they are already done with their business (while others are behind them waiting for them to go). 

5. When someone’s clearly needs Please call immediately! please please because they either do not know how to use the machine or their card is stuck (oh no!), ask the person first if he or she needs helps or of there’s something wrong that’s making him or her take time. Don’t go hurriedly on the ATM machine because you don’t want to look like you are interested with their “money” and stuff. The best thing to do actually is to call the attention of the bank guard and ask for help. 

Don’t be discourteous just because others are. And don’t be disrespectful just because you are disrespected. These acts may reflect the character of the person you are dealing with. But you don’t want the “rude” one to be you.. Unless your aim is really to be rude. 

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