BIR Early 2017 Advisory

March 22, 2017

We recently dropped by at Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and came to know a couple of things the public must know. The BIR released some advisories recently and they are the following:

This advisory states that the Bureau has new hotlines available to the public in case of tax inquiries.

Here are the numbers to call in case you have questions or queries:

  • (02) 981 7345
  • (02) 981 7347
  • (02) 981 7348
  • (02) 981 7366
  • (02) 981 7368
BIR’s email address is also up and running at [email protected]

In addition, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has warned the public about the Tax Identification Number services like TIN ID assistance. Transactions made on Facebook and other social networking sites claiming to give you your TIN ID in exchange for personal information are not authorized by the Bureau. Please be vigilant about your personal information.


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