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All about the ripple effect

November 7, 2018

October 8

The ripple effect.

It is very familiar but I couldn’t recall at the back of my mind who pioneered on making deep thoughts about it. I am sure there are many writers and spirituality expert who have their own interpretations and comparisons to the real life of this wonderful phenomenon.

For one, Tony Robbins once said in one of his messages to the world:

“What if you could radically shift your life toward the good? What if you had the power to find the gifts in adversity? What if you could do just one thing to create lasting, geometric change in your life?

….Every day, we have infinite opportunity to make our relationships, careers and communities just a little bit better. To make thoughtful, intentioned decisions, followed by determined action.

There is one thing you can do to improve all areas of your life at the same time – invest in yourself. The most famous investor of all time, Warren Buffett, says: “ The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

How do I construe it?

Whenever I hear the phrase “the ripple effect”, I always think of:

  • The kindness you reflect and give to yourself and to others could create a great impact not only to yourself but to others
  • A single minor decision that could influence your life big time in the future
  • Some other little things that you did not really care about doing but you do it anyway and later on, cause a big impact on things you haven’t foreseen

There are too many ideas shooting around but what I really want to share in this post is that if you are in a state in your life right now where you think you are not doing a lot than what you expected and you are running crazy on how to proceed with your life from today onwards because you HAD a lot of plans, but for whatever reason, you are stumbling on a roadblock. Whether you have already identified what it is all about or not – you are not alone. There’s a remedy, this post might help.

Remember the ripple effect.

What to do? Remember the ripple effect. Divide the big things into small things. Do small things at a time. Can’t figure it out? Freeze. Do a small thing now. Do not worry too much. Tomorrow, another thing, one at a time. Just move a little forward NO matter how little. No matter how small, just move a little more. You can pause. Pause to breathe. Pause to remember your purpose but do not quit.

Let’s practice now.

Breathe in and count in your head – one, two.

Breathe out and count in your head – three, four.

Breathe in, count five, six.

Breathe out, count seven, eight.

Say, “self, it is going to be okay. We have the “now” to do something that is right. Let’s do this.

These small things that you do? They become a big phenomenon one day. I always believe that life isn’t fair. Yes, because no one is born at an exactly the same circumstance as everyone else. But complaining alone doesn’t give a solution. Someone has to do something to accomplish something.

Hidilyn Diaz is a female weightlifting athlete from the Philippines. She is the Filipina weightlifter to compete in consecutive Olympics games. According to, Hidilyn had to work it out herself, too:

“Growing up in a family of eight, Hidilyn’s childhood was just as colourful as every other child; however, she was not exempted from problems and life’s challenges. When she was in elementary school, she had to go with her father, who was a tricycle driver, to sell vegetables and fish. Her family also experienced to have rice with only salt and soy sauce as their meal. Despite the difficulties she had encountered, the young girl still braved her way to her biggest dreams as she turned poverty into her greatest motivation to excel in her passion, which is weightlifting.

Diaz started developing interest in weightlifting at a very young age. Inspired by her cousin Allen Jayfrus, young Hidilyn used to have homemade barbells made with plastic pipes and concrete weights shaped in tin cans for her early trainings. As she began to join some weightlifting competitions, someone donated a barbell to her, which soon broke down from use and has since gathered dust. But Hidilyn began receiving more donations of barbells and weights as she won in competitions.”

Diaz competed in the 53-kilogram weightlifting competition during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She won as silver medalist – the first medal for the Philippines after 20 years. Accordingly, she also became the first Filipina to win an Olympic medal. In the year 2017, Hidilyn Diaz was awarded as the Athlete of the Year by the Philippine Sportswriters Association.

Her sacrifices paid off. She did not even have her own barbells before but she made a way.

One small decision to do something that sets your heart on fire. Persevere when you are in the middle of the journey. Persevere more when you fail. Then, one day, you will look back and say, “I made it”.

Remember the ripple effect. If you can’t go big, start small. May you win BIG.




Image by Matthias Oberholzer



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