Stela Benitez About the AuthorHi! My name is Stela, creator of this website. This site features a lot of things: different how-to blog posts, your guide to living in the Philippines (or at least some tips), products like Travel Assist, Virtual Assistant Finder and my Photo Shop where any one can buy photos. I will probably need to create a whole new different website for each of these products. But for now, I’ll have them featured in my own site.

This website came to life out of necessity to share (a lot of things). I can’t stand a day without writing (any thing from poem to novels to news, etc). I’m self-publishing but I don’t think I should feature my books here for personal reasons.

I studied political science and law but I also love digital marketing. Oh, I love exploring the art of photography and art itself. Hence, this website.

About me. I indulge in so many things! I enjoy project management best because I can get to organize things. I also like digital marketing and deal with public relations and branding. Someday, I’ll build my own foundation for the elderly and the abandoned and take care of them.

I always believe that the biggest room in this universe is the room for improvement. I’d like to explore wherever that room is situated (provided its legal and safe). After all, learning and improvement are two exciting things.

It’s good to have a feel of “conquering the unknown” if you know what I mean.

Net savvy. Workaholic. Enjoy finding ways. Thinker. I have varied interests (including writing).

All told (for now), I can’t really summarize everything into this tiny section of this website. I have so much to share! Oh! That again, is the main purpose of this site. I love to share what I know, what I am learning and things that might interest you and maybe help you in one way or another.

I don’t claim I know it all. So please, if you have any inputs or would like to connect, feel free to send me a message here.

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I created these Instagram and Facebook page accounts to share good vibes and sprinkle positivity to your day.
Facebook page: Motivation 101
Instagram: @stelybenz
Twitter: @motivation1014u