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The 8th Philippine International Pyro-Musical Competition 2017 at MOA, Pasay City

February 28, 2017
The 8th Philippine International Pyro-Musical Competition 2017 at MOA, Pasay City

The Philippine International Pyro-Musical Competition is the biggest fireworks and music show in the Philippines. For eight years now, the organizers SM Mall of Asia and Philippines’ pride Platinum Fireworks work hand in hand to bring the event to life. Today, we have the 8th Philippine International Pyro-Musical Competition 2017 at Mall of Asia, Pasay City showcasing different contenders from different countries.

The competition has now been a yearly traditional competition participated by different companies representing different countries. The regular participants to the yearly competition includes companies from the countries of United Kingdom (Pyro 2000 Fireworks and Pyrotex Fireworkx LTD.), France (Pyragric Feux D’ Artifice), Germany (Nico Feuerwerke and Steffes-Ollig Feuerwerk), People’s Republic of China (Lidu Fireworks and Polaris Fireworks), Canada (Hands Fireworks and Garden City Display), Australia (Skylighter Fireworx) and Philippines (Platinum Fireworks Inc.) among others.

The ticket price starts at Php100 (Silver Ticket), next is Php300 (Gold Center Ticket) and then the VIP ticket for Php600. Based on experience, there’s not much difference between the Silver and the Gold in terms of the fireworks view since the venue by the bay is not humongous. Maybe the main difference is that there are more people in the Silver area than in the Gold area so that the Gold area is “not super” crowded.

There are no designated seats for the Silver and Gold Center tickets. VIPs have their own seats. They just have to present their tickets on the ticket booth once inside the VIP Area to claim it. There’s one seat per person.

This year’s schedule of the International Pyro-Musical Competition 2017:
February 11, 2017 (Saturday)

Opening: Philippines (Platinum Fireworks Inc.) | 8:00 PM
France (Pyragric Feux D’ Artifice | 9:00 PM

February 18, 2017 (Saturday)

Nico Feuerwerke | 8:00 PM
Steffes-Ollig Feuerwer | 9:00 PM

February 25, 2017 (Saturday)

People’s Republic of China
Lidu Fireworks | 8:00 PM
Polaris Fireworks | 9: 00 PM

March 4, 2017 (Saturday)

Hands Fireworks | 8:00 PM
Garden City Display | 9:00 PM

March 11, 2017 (Saturday)

United Kingdom
Pyro 2000 Fireworks | 8:00 PM
Pyrotex Fireworkx LTD. | 9:00 PM

March 18, 2017 (Saturday)

Australia (Skylighter Fireworx) | 8:00 PM
For the closing: Philippines (Platinum Fireworks Inc.) | 9:00 PM

The venue is usually at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay City, Manila. The specific spot is that one near the Manila Bay. If you are coming from the main MOA entrance (one that’s facing the big globe), you can go by the main entrance and turn left or simply look for that big Ferris wheel because the event is near there. You will see that you are in the right place because there are security personnel around a barricade.

Fireworks photo competition 2017

Get your DSLR or mobile cameras ready because there’s a photo competition to those who can take the best photos of the fireworks display. Join the contest in Instagram and upload your most beautiful photos.

This 2017, do not forget to use hashtags #8thmoapipc & #8thmoapipcmar18 to get the chance to win the grand prize – Nikon D500 DSLR camera and 15,000 worth of gift certificates!

My take/experience/comment/overview:

The first time we witnessed the said event, we purchased the Gold tickets. It was good because it was not super crowded. However, when we looked at the back (the one where the MOA entrance with stairs is located), we envied the crowd seated there for free! Not only were they able to sit during the whole show (we were only standing the whole time), they actually have a better view because their location was elevated. They were all sitting on the stairs but they looked comfortable. Plus, they cannot inhale the smell of the gun powder/fireworks powder from afar. We will go there next week and will try to sit on the stairs!


The VIP passes includes free seating. You will just have to present your tickets when you’re inside in exchange for the chair.

We went to SM Mall of Asia to watch the last day of the competition. It was around 3:00 PM when people started to line up in the silver area. We did not worry about lining up though because we purchased VIP tickets. The VIP ticket by the way costed 600Php.The Patron with Dinner costed 1,500Php. There were also a lot of restaurants on the veranda that offer nice food while watching the fireworks display but reservations must be done beforehand.

Last night’s (March 18, 2017) photos
The crowd eagerly waiting
The crowd eagerly waiting
The show just starting
The show just starting
The Winners of the 8th Philippine International Pyro-Musical Competition 2017 at MOA, Pasay City

Grand winner: Pyrotex Fireworkx LTD. from United Kingdom (With an average score of 98.71%)

1st Runner Up: Steffes-Ollig Feuerwer from Germany (With an average score of 95%)

2nd Runner Up: Polaris Fireworks from People’s Republic of China (with an average score of 93.38%)


Be there on the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the event so that you can pick a good spot to watch the lovely fireworks display before other people would crowd the place. Lastly, enjoy the spectacular show! Once you see the fireworks displays, your standards on what a good firework show should be would go a notch higher.

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