Apprenticeship Basics in the Philippines

October 5, 2019

What is an apprentice?

How long could I be an apprentice?

What if I am hired as an apprentice and absorbed by my employer, am I going to become a probationary employee?

What is the compensation allowed by law for an apprentice?

Is an apprenticeship agreement necessary for one to become an apprentice?

What is apprenticeship

It is a practical training on the job supplemented by related theoretical instruction involving a contract between an apprentice and his or her employer on an APPROVED APPRENTICEABLE OCCUPATION.

It is the TESDA which implements this APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. The TESDA Act of 1994 expressly empowers TESDA to implement and administer the program.Rules to Observe by Employers

  1. The Employer should be engaged in a business that is considered a highly technical industry. (This refers to a trade or business or industry which utilizes the application of advanced technology. Basis? Implementing Rules, Book II, Sec. 2(j) of the IRR of the LABOR CODE of the Philippines)
  1. The job which the apprentice will work on should be an apprenticeable occupation (So what is an apprenticeable occupation? It is any trade, form of employment or occupation which requires more than 3 months of practical training with theoretical instruction officially endorsed by the tripartite body and approved for apprenticeship by the TESDA.


  1. At least 15 years of age (those who are below 18 may be eligible for apprenticeship only in non-hazardous occupations)
  2. Physically fit for the occupation
  3. Possess vocational aptitude and capacity;
  4. Possess the ability to comprehend and follow oral and written instructions
  5. The company must have an apprenticeship program duly approves by the DOLE.


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